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The Smile High Club is about embracing new ways of commerce. It's a subscription model, meaning you're consumables are automatically sent to you as required to maintain the optimal experience with our products and to give you the maximum convenience.

We are constantly looking for new products to bring to our members and have a strong focus on quality. We undertake significant R&D on all our products to ensure we are offering bloody good products that will give you a high-end experience for a lot less than our brand name competitors.

Our Mission Statement

Spread Joy.

Spreading joy is a fundamental need. It can be as easy as sharing a smile with a stranger - a smile is contagious. You never know when a stranger really needs one - and they're free to give. So why not make your smile look as good as possible?


Heal The Earth

We do not have a company office. Outside of our production facility, our corporate team are all work-from-home remote specialists residing in 4 different countries (and timezones!). This reduces our overall carbon footprint and provides a better working environment for our team and their families.

Think Different

We are embracing different ways of doing business and different ways of collaborating to break free from the traditional business models. We believe commerce can be ethical and still profitable.

Redistribute Wealth

We believe that profit should be used to improve humanity and the earth upon which we reside - not to buy more bullshit none of us really need. In our own little way, The Smile High Club reflects our attempt to make a small change for a better world.

Thank you for being a part of our club, our family, our mission. We are friendlies, so if you can think of a way we could be helping more or doing things better, we want to hear from you. Simply email

We believe in business with a conscience.

  • Our motor is more energy efficient than the market leading product
    • More revolutions per second
    • Less energy required
    • 60+ days on a single charge
  • Our packaging is made from recycled stock and is 95% recyclable
    • We have a roadmap to reduce our overall packaging carbon footprint by 50% by 2022
  • We actively seek ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business
  • We will soon launch our partnership with key local charities. This will mean all our members will be automatically enrolled as contributors to a charity of their choice and the money they spend with us benefits these charities directly and without ulterior motive.
  • The majority of our profits goes to support organisations we see doing good in the world. We support those that are trying to save our planet, improve human existence and reduce the harm posed by technology.
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