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SonicPro (All Black)

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⚡ 60+ Days on a single charge - leave your charger in the drawer!

💦 100% waterproof. Use it in the shower or other wet places.

🦷 Whiter, healthier teeth in 7 days of normal use.

😊 Replacement heads conveniently sent every 6 months.

💸 Money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty.

⛟ Free shipping.

Whiter, healthier teeth. It's time to give your teeth the best. SonicPro is as good as the most expensive brushes on the market, at a fraction of the price. No fancy gimmicks. Just a bloody good brush.

        Color: Black


        Caret Down

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        Caret Down
        SonicPro (All Black)
        SonicPro (All Black)
        Caret Down

        A Really Good Brush

        Powered by our environmentally conscious eco-boost motor, the beautifully designed and engineered SonicPro is a truly high-end brush.

        Lasts 2 Months!

        The SonicPro lasts an incredible 60+ days on a single 4hr charge. Leave your charger in the drawer or at home when you travel.

        Get White, Stay White

        In partnership with DuPont™, we have created pinpoint bristles and pulse translation technology in our advanced brush heads. Noticeably whiter teeth after every use*.

        Feel the Power

        The SonicPro has the most powerful motor in the market at 62,000 sonic vibrations a minute. Your plaque doesn't stand a chance (removes up to 10X more plaque than manual**).

        Universal Love

        Experience why our customers and our growing network of influencers are loving SonicPro. Read our reviews online or speak to the Dentists recommending our brush.